Patients with bone and soft tissue tumor changes can be referred to us at any time, or they can send us documents for initial evaluation. The patients are called by the two secretariats for consultation or, depending on the urgency, also on an emergency basis. The initial assessment of the patients is done by the two heads of KWUB, where an initial treatment strategy is determined in coordination with the board. Depending on the situation, further diagnosis/treatment then takes place either at the University Hospital Basel or the University Children’s Hospital Basel.

For the referral of a patient, a consultative assessment or registration for the KWUB Tumor Board, we absolutely require the following for processing:

  1. Complete patient data (name, date of birth, address, telephone number, health insurance company)

  2. Current physician’s report/letter of referral

  3. Transmission of the complete imaging via H-Net or by mail on CD, which are necessary for the evaluation.

  4. All previous findings (MRI, CT, SPECT-CT, etc.)

We kindly ask you to send all documents to the following e-mail address:

If the documents are incomplete, they cannot be processed.

The preparation of a consultative service will be billed to your patient’s health insurance. As the referring physician, you are responsible for informing your patient of this.


For children and adolescents (bone and soft tissue tumors) For adults with soft tissue tumors

Orthopaedics secretariat KWUB
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Every Monday and Thursday afternoon between 13.30-17.00 hours

Mrs. Melanie Schneider
Secretariat Prof. Dr. Ch. Kettelhack

Visceral Surgery / Standort Universitätsspital Clarunis
University Abdominal Center Basel
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Office hours

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